Minggu, 16 Mei 2010

The Oentoengs Family Gathering

Today we had the oentoengs family gatherin at om mawan's house. Its been awhile since the last tme we had our gathering.. I dont actually know the reason why they suddenly make it today, but I think its because lots of people in my family have their birthdays on may so they decided to make a celebration about it (though there wasnt any birthday cake there).
So just to explain what today felt like.. I got up at 9 while cursing at my freakin blackberry. I ran out of pulsa and unfortunately, the bis ended today. well, long story short, there was something error with the connection so i cant continue the bis with my current number. i had to change my current simcard with my other simcard and blahblahblah.
then when i went downstairs my mom and dad were already at the breakfast table. i had nothing to eat so i took a soyjoy and ate it.. what a pity. but remembering the gathering was today, it was the perfect choice not to eat anything cause knowing the oentoengs, food is our biggest flaw. we enjoy food as much as we enjoy fooling around, so no breakfast today meant crazy lunch! (and it was true lots and lots of food today)
we were supposed to bring mbok berek so we came by tebet first then to malindo.
the menu for today: ayam goreng mbok berek, sate, chinese food, and actually it was more than that but i forgot what else cause i kept my eyes at the ayam goreng...
i finally met my family again after months and as usual, we spilled some juice about whats hot right now.. like for example, aji's accepted at undip and he's going to semarang in about 2 months time.. :(:( im surely gonna miss u ji! and.. about the other gossip, its been lingering in my family for quite some time cause its kinda complicated and involving people in that certain family.. so people arent very fond of talking about it whenever that someone's around.. (fyi, after people had gone home, we talked about it like crazy with people who're left. cant really talk about it but surely it is one great juicy gossip!)
hmm what else. we played with rara, reno (as usual) and ate some icecream and gossiped again. (gossip is one everlasting thing we do) oh! and mom brought our magicsing so om yono got hold of the microphone and sang. it ended up with people singing random songs and rara singing bintang kecil, etc that arent on the songlist..
well yea thats pretty much about it.. i played along with aji&abi ahhh they're simply my fave cousins! from the oentoengs.. ahhh unfortunately aji's gonna move to semarang for university. why cant he choose someplace near jakarta! like bandung.. so so so sad.
well yea enough for the sadness, i think were gonna have aji's going away party later.. (POKE SUSHI JI!) im gonna miss youuuuuu ya ji. come home every 3 months or so okay.
then my sunday went okay. we went home and here i am writing gibberish on this blog. i reallt got nothing to do while supposedly i have to study accounting for remed sometime next week. and i still got some hws to do but i just cant remember it..

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