Minggu, 16 Mei 2010

The Oentoengs Family Gathering

Today we had the oentoengs family gatherin at om mawan's house. Its been awhile since the last tme we had our gathering.. I dont actually know the reason why they suddenly make it today, but I think its because lots of people in my family have their birthdays on may so they decided to make a celebration about it (though there wasnt any birthday cake there).
So just to explain what today felt like.. I got up at 9 while cursing at my freakin blackberry. I ran out of pulsa and unfortunately, the bis ended today. well, long story short, there was something error with the connection so i cant continue the bis with my current number. i had to change my current simcard with my other simcard and blahblahblah.
then when i went downstairs my mom and dad were already at the breakfast table. i had nothing to eat so i took a soyjoy and ate it.. what a pity. but remembering the gathering was today, it was the perfect choice not to eat anything cause knowing the oentoengs, food is our biggest flaw. we enjoy food as much as we enjoy fooling around, so no breakfast today meant crazy lunch! (and it was true lots and lots of food today)
we were supposed to bring mbok berek so we came by tebet first then to malindo.
the menu for today: ayam goreng mbok berek, sate, chinese food, and actually it was more than that but i forgot what else cause i kept my eyes at the ayam goreng...
i finally met my family again after months and as usual, we spilled some juice about whats hot right now.. like for example, aji's accepted at undip and he's going to semarang in about 2 months time.. :(:( im surely gonna miss u ji! and.. about the other gossip, its been lingering in my family for quite some time cause its kinda complicated and involving people in that certain family.. so people arent very fond of talking about it whenever that someone's around.. (fyi, after people had gone home, we talked about it like crazy with people who're left. cant really talk about it but surely it is one great juicy gossip!)
hmm what else. we played with rara, reno (as usual) and ate some icecream and gossiped again. (gossip is one everlasting thing we do) oh! and mom brought our magicsing so om yono got hold of the microphone and sang. it ended up with people singing random songs and rara singing bintang kecil, etc that arent on the songlist..
well yea thats pretty much about it.. i played along with aji&abi ahhh they're simply my fave cousins! from the oentoengs.. ahhh unfortunately aji's gonna move to semarang for university. why cant he choose someplace near jakarta! like bandung.. so so so sad.
well yea enough for the sadness, i think were gonna have aji's going away party later.. (POKE SUSHI JI!) im gonna miss youuuuuu ya ji. come home every 3 months or so okay.
then my sunday went okay. we went home and here i am writing gibberish on this blog. i reallt got nothing to do while supposedly i have to study accounting for remed sometime next week. and i still got some hws to do but i just cant remember it..

Sabtu, 15 Mei 2010

Lame Weekend

Ohhh it's such a lame weekend. I really got nowhere to go and I dont feel like going anywhere this weekend. Is it might be caused by the fact that I'll have remed akuntansi next week? and that the deadline for everything is May 21? ahhhhh time flies so quickly.
I was supposed to have friday off yesterday, but considering I'll be missing him for 4 days is really unbearable, so I decided to come to school and yes! He looked soooo cute yesterday!!
It's still saturday afternoon, I still have a day and half to be a couch potato... Today's menu: bk double beefbacon, oldchangkee fishball and maquis greentea minicake. I dont really feel like eating it all though. I guess I was just excited buying all those stuff earlier.

We're gonna have the oentoengs family gathering tomorrow, I think we're gonna have a great time cause its been awhile since the last time we gathered up. And this month, people (in my family) are seriously blasting up birthdays. My brothers, my mom, my cousins, my aunts and whoever else are having their birthdays on May. I think imma go broke in exactly 2 weeks time..
Just yesterday, we had a birthday lunch to celebrate my brothers' birthdays (cause their bdays are just days apart) in Outback Steakhouse. Last year, we ate steaks at Gandy's. I dont understand why they chose to eat the same thing on their birthdays -____-

ahhh maybe i might as well just enjoy this weekend cause the following weeks are about to be one hell of a ride...

Jumat, 14 Mei 2010

jadi i really got nothing to do. so i just wanna take a stroll down the memory lane..
its almost been a year since graduation last year and we've been missing each other so much! i cant believe time passes so quickly

i havent met yosua in months.. and now shahnaz's there in australia. gak usah jauh2 sih, gio aja yang masih di binus susah banget ketemu baru sekali since the grad day. i remember, this time a year ago we were preparing for graduation, we did the decoration, the planning the food tables etc etc. waktu itu kayanya masih nyenengin banget, we all were so close together cause there was only a month or so left for us. it was the time of personal project dimana kita lagi stres2nyaa.. plus other unbelievably difficult projects to finish. tapi waktu2 kaya gitu yang bikin kita makin deket semuanya. jadi ngerasaan cuma ada beberapa waktu buat kita bareng lagi ber 12... walaupun yang lain emang udah pindah, cuma kita ber 12 gak bisa dipisahin karena emang anak2nya kalo gak pada gila yaa sampahan semua deh. and talking about sampahan, here is the note yosua husodo made for all the myp graduates..

Today seemed to be the last day together, but surely friendship is a never ending thing. I’ve had good times, bad times, funny times, and much more with all of you guys. You all have meant really a lot for me. I’ve learned a lot from you all, and I think we all do from each other. It’s sad really to be apart, but I think it’s something that we all go through and that the world is turns everyday. We can’t stop it for the time period we want. We’ll be doing our own things later on, and making new friends. But surely this group that I’ve been with for the past four years is a really great one and memorable as well especially this year. This year is a year that probably not much people in the world can experience. Having only 12 kids a class while being the eldest in the school. I’ve known much more of you this year, especially to you whom I’m not so close to before.

You all mean a lot to me, and today isn’t the last day of our friendship. Friends makes me happy, sad, laugh, cry, think, give, act, and LIVE. Without any of you guys, I feel that my life will be very dull. I don’t know how I’ll be able to live without any friends, or even only a variety of friends. You all have been really great friends.

I think this year is one of the greatest years of all. I’ve had fun with all of you, doing this and that, spending time together here and there and here comes the time to say thank you to you all. I hope you guys a very good luck in everything you do. Whatever it is, do it to the best of your ability. Bel, Bin, Gi, Shan, Cin if you remember Mr.A, “do ordinary things extra-ordinarily well.” All these years creating the foundation of our future together, use it properly. Don’t mess up your lives. I hope to seeing you guys in the near future wherever you guys are with your husband[(s) for Shaby], and wife, and kids hopefully. This group really is an unforgettable one. Soooooo much fun we’ve had together. It’s sad to break the group, but we’ll get back together one day yea…Keep in touch all!


i remember we all cried in facebook (??) and here's another farewell note from tisha..

Hey guys, I still can't believe its a goodbye. Everything just seems to go really fast. Time flies when youre enjoying yourself dusnt it? :(

You guys really mean a lot to me, and I dont know how to say goodbye to you. I just cant imagine NOT being with you guys. Im sorry for all the mistakes that ive done, hope you forgive me. And I hope that I can keep in touch with you all. My days wont be the same again without you, and Im sure I will miss you guys [i miss you already actually].

Thank you for the amazing years you guys have given me. Thank you for all the good times, the bad times, and the FANTAAIMS! Thank you for each and every second you guys have spent with me. Thank you for each and every word you said to me. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for making my days more enjoyable. Thank you for your helping hands. And most of all, thank you for being such fantastic friends and for making me who I am today.

As we go on, we remember
all the times we had together
and as our lives change, come whatever
we will still be,

I just simply <3LOVEEEE<3 you guys so much
And I surely will miss you all

p.s: Im literally crying again right now

Much lovesss <3,
Tisha Caesandra

the grad day was the night that we wont forget forever and ever. June, 12th 2009.
it was the night when we all shared our emotions that had been held for quite a long time and it was the night when we realized we couldnt do much without each other by our sides.

ahh well i dont wanna go into all the crying parts and that kinda stuff cause its just too much to hold now. all im saying is.. those 4 years were irreplaceable, those were the greatest years in my life so far. the years that made me into who i am today. and without u guys, my days wont be the same anymore. i miss you guys :(:(


wow, its been a long time ay? havent posted anything in this blog... im just too lazy to write anything here.
well, its almost been a year since i first stepped into labschool kebayoran, and so many things have changed ever since. i havent written anything about TO though..
so just to be brief, i actually enjoyed TO. i had fun with nawastra and my hastara friends who went too, and... i feel like rewinding time to october again. ahh well..

dan gak berasa, bentar lagi udah mau UKK aja loh yaaa..
padahal kayanya baruuu banget kemaren MOS stres2 baru masuk sekarang udah mau naek kls 12 aja hhhh. and by the time we come to a close relationship (ips2) its also time for us to bid farewell. ntar di kelas 12 gak akan sekelas lagi kaya gitu kan :( huhu

I LOVE MY IPS 2!!!!!!!!!!!

hmm what else? ohya, ada rafting juga 3 minggu lalu and it was the best weekend so far in 2010~ seru banget ikut itu, karena ditambah ada si dia juga sih :* and its too much to tell here. yang penting itu parah banget nyenenginnya :D:D:D

sebenernya banyak banget sih ya yang mau diceritain selama beberapa bulan ini, ada Jogja Trip, skybattle, skyfest, etc etc. cuma kayanya kok emang gw nya yang males apa gimana untuk nulis apa lupa (lupa password sih sbnrnya) jadi gak ada new post..

so anywayyyyy ukk is coming our way so lets just pray we all will pass grade 11! grade 12 here i come!

Jumat, 18 September 2009

september 19th 09

somehow the date here on blogspot is friday september 18th 09.. but whatever. today is the 19th of september 09 and i've got nothing to do.. lebaran is tomorrow (i think) and usually at this time of my life, nothing really interests me. gak tau mesti ngapain, masih puasa tapi gak bisa kemana2 juga dan gak ada kerjaan.. oh my. tapi kemarin masih mending deh jadi abang-abang gue mau buka dirumah, tapi tiba-tiba aja 2 om gue dan 1 tante gue dateng kerumah untuk makan2. lah jadinya kumpul keluarga tanpa disangka deh, cukup aneh juga sih untuk makanan dirumah gue bejibun, mengingat kalau keluarga gue kalo makan udah seperti ikan hiu mencari mangsanya.. and the weird thing is, dari jam 3 sore gitu kan kamar gue acnya dingin banget kaya kutub utara, semua orang jadi demen banget ngaso di kamar gue.. jadi my sis in law, my mom, my dad, my another sis in law, my aunt, my cousin, my uncle, my bro semua mampir kamar. apalagi my mom was browsing my itunes and she found some old tunes there so she was all revved up and in full spirit to sing along.. then the habsjah came and we break our fast together with lumpia, kroket (dont know how to spell it), sosis solo (another i-dont-know-how-to-spell-it), pizza, kfc, rujak, some pastries, rendang, rendang paru, daging cabe ijo, bistik, ikan gurame, dan gue lupa apa lagi.

so yesterday we had fun, we ate lots and lots of food (well duh) we gossiped about recent things and stuff like that.. but let's just skip that okay? i'm not really in the mood of writing this blog (i've always been in thr not-in-the-mood-of-writing mode) i used to like writing back then, but coming here, I don't feel like it anymore.

so here's what am i gonna do today:
-youtube-ing all day long
-can't wait for buka puasa (got lots of food downstairs)
-super junior-ing!!
-download some songs and videos
-watch BBF, goal 3, ice age 3, skins, and.. whatever is on the TV.
-that's pretty much it

quite boring isn't it? but what else is there to do? my cars are all gone, parents are nowhere in sight, money's slipping down the drain and i have no good plans for today except for the list above.

lebaran break

Yes yes yes yes lebaran sebentar lagi, that's true. in fact, lebaran is tomorrow! (i think so)
today's the 19th of september 2009, nothing much going on here..

So, I haven't written much here cause either I've been too busy or I'm just lazy to write.. This september has been okay, nothing special happened to me or whatsoever, except for.. well yeah ied's is coming up and fasting is a byebye. last august was okay to me too, except for we had Pesantren Ramadhan (well it was just me and the kids who havent joined the pesantren last year) okay so a little 'review' of the pesantren..

Pesantren 2009

the 3-day-pesantren was just simply boring. it was fvckin killing me, i mean, cause I'm a new student in 11th grade so i gotta join the pesantren with the 10th graders, (and you all know what that means!)
Sebenernya gak cuma gue juga sih yang ikut, ada Nisa, Adiguna, Ojan, Dredha, Belinda juga tp we were in different groups.. I'm wondering what Pra To and TO would've been like kalo pesantren aja kayak gitu.. oh send me to heaven, God.
actually my groupmates were all nice and friendly. i knew some of them cause we were together in MOS. we actually had fun (sometimes) but most of the time I felt like my heart would explode at any second. (it was that torturing)
anyway, I got past through that and I'm really hoping that I would get past Pra TO and TO, alive.

So now I'm on Lebaran Break and school starts on october 5th 09. yes, that's my birthday and what does school give me for the present? Ujian Tengah Semester. Thank you, Labschool Kebayoran. really appreciate it.
But what excites me is A2, of course, cause I get to see him again after a three-week holiday.. and i'm kinda glad the fasting month is over cause i've been gaining weight for the past weeks, can't you just imagine kalo lagi saur dan buka kalapnya gue kayak apa? udah saurnya banyak banget nambah2 terus, apalagi buka.. gak ada berenti2nya, dan puasa siang harinya ga ngaruh deh bukan tambah kurus malah udah naik berkilo-kilo haha.

Anyway, I'm so looking forward to october 5th 09 cause that'd be the start of UTS and I really want to get over with it.. apalagi minggu depannya Pra TO dan minggu depannya lagi TO. This October really is a nightmare for me..!

Rabu, 26 Agustus 2009


Hello! Hai! Seperti yang kalian udah tau, gue Shabrina Nabila Nugroho.. i cant say much here, i'm not really in the mood of blogging :D and to be quick, I made this blog because I just moved to a new school, Labschool Kebayoran and most of the kids there have this blogspot thingy.. so I decided to make one.
I've abandoned my Multiply for quite a long time karena lama-lama jadi bosen dan Multiply gue sangat mengingatkan sama kehidupan kelas 10 di mentari (oh i miss mentari). So anyway, I'm a new student there di kelas XI IPS 2 bersama teman-teman baru yang menyenangkan, hangat dan sangat menerima gue dengan tangan terbuka.. Gue mau menjelaskan tentang gimana hari-hari pertama gue disekolah tapi.. i think it's quite late now and i'm just too lazy to write about it so.. a quick recap:


Hm! 3 hari pertama gue disekolah diisi dengan kegiatan MOS yang cukup menyiksa. But I met some new people there, and I get to know the school better. Sebenernya resenya sih ya karena jadinya gw MOS sama angkatan dibawah gue, gak ada yang gue kenal! tapi gue juga sok-sok SKSD aja sih sama mereka dan kelihatannya mereka juga nggak peduli.. Hehehe.
but what i hate the most from MOS was the second day of it. guess what? I got my long-lost allergy, I blacked out, I fainted, I threw up. Oh. My. God. that was so insanely irritating.
Jadi intinya 3 hari MOS itu cukup menyakitkan hati gue yang sudah hancur karena gue harus pindah dari Mentari dan meninggalkan teman-teman gue disana, but.. i gotta move on right?
(tapi gue bertemu dengan berpuluh-puluh cowok ganteng pas MOS)

Hari-hari pertama di XI IPS 2

Oke! jadi hari pertama gue itu hari Kamis.. masuk-masuk gue bingung karena anak-anaknya kok gak ada yang gue kenal ya, dan ternyata gue salah kelas -_- isinya anak kelas 12 semua.
They told me to go up cause there were some changes in the schedule and.. I was lost. I was really lost cause I knew nobody there. I looked for my friends and thank God they finally helped me to find my class.
Terus jadinya gue masuk ke satu kelas ini, dimana gue ga tau orang-orangnya and the only person I knew was Yaya (yang bakalan sekelas gitu) and she was nowhere in sight. Pas gue masuk rasanya tuh jantung udah berdetak kenceng banget kaya beduk maghrib dan kaki gue lemes-lemes berasa jelly. I was holding tightly to my bag and stepped into the class. Thank God there were only some girls sitting at the back of the class. I smiled. My heart was beating so fast I couldn't breath.
So anyway, they introduced themselves. Ternyata mereka udah tau kalo gue bakal masuk kelas itu karena, terimakasih tuhan, sodara gw si gaban Yaya udah ngomong-ngomong.. Dan jadinya mereka ramah banget sama gue dan menerima gue apa adanya (keadaan gue yang udah pucet panik pusing perasaanmaupingsan dan semua P lainnya) gue inget ada Putri, Baiq, Sheila, Nadya, Karin, dan lain-lainnya menyusul.
TERUUUUUUS pokoknya semua cewek dateng gitu tiba-tiba udah mau masuk kelas kan ada Nadhila (temen SD) terus ada Shabrina (wah nama sama pertama gw pikir) terus Nia, Thara, Mita, Nadia, Windy, Winnie, Tellisa Putri (mwahaha), Indy, Sarput, terus yang gue gak secara langsung kenalan ada Zanet, Terry, Tari, Kiza, Dania, Phalita. (gak ada yang kelupaan kan?)
terus cowok-cowoknya gue gak bisa sebutin satu-satu karena gue sendiri sampe sekarang gak afal nama-nama mereka hehe.. Terus mereka friendly sama gue tapi lama-lama iseng juga sih.. Terus mereka ngobrol-ngobrol sama gue nanya-nanya gue juga banyak nanya gt jadinya gak ngerti apa-apa tapi intinya seru gitu lah.. dan sampai hari ini juga mereka masih baik walaupun RESE semua hihi..